Bringing over 50 years of emergency medical knowledge, the full staff of The Institute brings professionalism, promptness, and ease of access to the continuing medical education classroom. Working in all aspects of professional and volunteer service in the areas of dispatch, pre-hospital ground and air transport, emergency room care, critical care, education, quality assurance, and healthcare management, we hope to provide local medical professionals with an easy, affordable, and relevant continuing education experience.

The Institute for Continuing Medical Education, LLC (The Institute) was founded in 2013. Becoming tired of costly classes, a progressive movement to computer based education, and the inability to get regular classes in short notice, the founders decided to take matters into their own hands. Opening The Institute will bring a variety of continuing medical education opportunities to the Des Moines metro and surrounding areas. More importantly, for those last minute needs The Institute will have you covered with same day, one-on-one, and routinely scheduled classes. For the past 10 years the founders have taught at all levels of pre-hospital and continuing medical education. With their experience as regionally and state level conferences presenters, college instructors, and past education/training officers, they know what it takes to be quality educators.  We take great pride in being knowledgeable, dynamic, and up to date with current trends and research in their field. 

The Institute offers a wide variety of continuing medical education in the Des Moines metro and surrounding areas. With courses sponsored by the American Heart Association, National Association of EMT's, American Academy of Pediatrics,  Emergency Nurses Association, American Burn Association, and in cooperation with local colleges and universities The Institute provides medical professionals of all levels with professional and relevant educational opportunities.

The Institute for Continuing Medical Education

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